Molsa to hold a conference to take final steps about placing Afghan Labor Force abroad

Sun, Sep 27 2020 11:39 AM
  • In a meeting with the Association of employment companies His Excellency

    Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj Said, that is near future with the full cooperation of internal

    employment companies and international partners, the Ministry of Labor and

    Social Affairs well hold a big conference about the pre-trainings and readiness,

    verification skills certificates, certifications of special and the most need skill of

    Afghan laborers abroad and ultimately about the finalization of sending Afghans

    labors to the Gulf states.

    How to decrease thehigh rate of unemployment in our country We want help and

    full cooperation of the private sector, and we welcome the creation of laborers

    associations with have the responsibilities to deploy Afghan expert labor force

    abroad and have enough experience in this field, Mr,Tahyanj said.

    The mandate of this process is to decrease the pressure on Afghanistan Labor

    Market and to decrease the Unemployment rate which is one of the main challenge

    the Afghan Government faced with, Mr. Tahyanj Added.

    Mircoulosely we have solved most of the problems and clear many of the

    challenges at the way of this process, we hope that in near future we will start the

    real deployment of Afghan professional laborers to other countries, and give this

    Evangel to Afghan people that after a long delay the first large group of legal

    laborers has landed in a foreign country.

    The successful implementation of this process is a national ideal and the main

    responsibility from the Mandate of the Ministry of labor and social Affairs, Sayed

    Abdul Karim Hashimi the Deputy Minister of Labor Affairs Said.

    Due to diverse problems such as four hundred thousand new labor force and fifty

    thousand university graduators are entering the Afghan Labor Market annually,

    repatriation and internal displacement the biggest challenges that made the labor

    Market most turbulent in Afghanistan, this pressure is doubling year by year,

    placing labor force abroad is the main solutions to decrease this pressure, Mr.

    Hashimi Added.

    Deputy Minister of labor Affairs told The employment companies that;

    deployment and placing the labor force abroad is your responsibility and the

    responsibility of MOLSA is the facilitation of this trend and the capacity building

    of this labor force in professional training.

  • Fortunately, we have solved all the problems and challenges head of this process

    and we have divided all the duties and responsibilities of this process between the

    Afghan government, employment companies, international partners and host

    countries, and our final goal and problem is to train labor Attaches to finalize this

    trend as soon as possible, Mr.Hashimi Added.

    The participants of this conference will be 200 delegates from the employment

    companies, 50 delegates from the international partners and 30 senior staff

    members from Ministry of labor and social affairs, and will be inaugurated by the

    leadership of MOLSA to Ultimately finalize this lucrative, National and enormous

    trend, Hashimi revealed.

    For the successful holding of this spectacular conference, Acting Minister of Labor

    and social Affairs instructed the bellow staffs to establish a ceremonial committee

    from relatives’ shareholders.

    With the full support of Molsa Miraculously we achieved our activity permit, and

    we will be an active partner in the coming conference with the full cooperation of

    relevant ministries, associations, and private sector which deploy legal and

    professional laborers abroad, said Haji Noorullah fidayee, Head of employment

    association. The main challenge we faced now is distrust inherited from the past

    which some fabricated employment companies cheated people with lie

    commitment to send them for legal immigration to the Gulf states, which

    discredited this process, and now it’s time for the full permission of our activities

    and to start the registration of those skilled laborers who want to be deployed to

    foreign countries, a delegate from the Employment Association said.

    But the deputy labor Minister replied: that fourteen country demand us legal and

    professional first grade A class labor force from our country, and in the current

    week we have three sessions with three labor force demand countries such as

    Turkey, UAE, and Saudi Arabia to take final steps of this process, your

    responsibility is to start the trend of professional training by every zone and get

    them ready for deployment.

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