Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs

The Mission includes efforts to develop effective legal frameworks, context-specific and coordinate policies and strategies and efficient labor market administration to enhance job creation, promote decent work, and improve social protection, especially for children and women.

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7 months ago

In line with the national agenda of broader stabilization, self-reliance and people’s welfare, the vision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is to contribute to building a society with equal rights and opportunities for all. The Ministry aims to reduce poverty, support job creation, enhance social inclusion and ensure social protection, especially for the vulnerable categories of the population.

Sayed Anwar Sadat

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Tue, Nov 12 2019 9:28 AM
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The Draft of Skills National council approved in principal.

The Ministry of labor and social affair is determined to create Skills National council with the coordination to the private sector, for this purpose today in a meeting with the. . .

Wed, Nov 06 2019 1:43 PM
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In one month Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs delivers Services to 30 affected children through its supportive centers.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has always strived for the protection of children and provided essential services for 23 categories affected children and for the reduction of. . .

Tue, Oct 08 2019 2:13 PM
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Gender Departments of the Ministries held its coordination session.

For better coordination and change of experiences from the Heads of Gender departments about rights equality in all Administrations, the Gender Departments hold their coordinative. . .

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