Minister's Biography

His Excellency Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj son of Chari khan was born at Faryab province in 1974. After graduation from High School, Mr. Tahyanj earned his Bachelor's degree in History from the History Department of Balkh University in 1995. Beside His Native Uzbek language; Mr. Tahyanj speaks Dari Language fluently too and has familiarity with Pashtu, Turkmanis, English, and Turkish languages.

Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj worked as a Member and Assistant of the Provincial Council from 2005 to 2009 for Faryab province.

Mr. Tahyanj worked in different positions from 2010 to 2020; such as: Member and Secretary of Internal Inspectional Commission of the Parliament; Spokesperson for the National Junbish Party; Member of UNHCR and IOM organizations in Welfare Affairs; Member of Afghan-French Parliament Friendship Group; Deputy of Marshal Dostum's Welfare Foundation; Senior Member of Transformational and Continuity Electoral Team led by Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in 2014; Senior Member of Stability and Convergence Electoral Team led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in 2019 Presidential Elections; and an active member of civil society. Also Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj earned a peace envoy title from the Safwan Institution.

Ultimately, Mr. Tahyanj has assumed the office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs according to the official decree of the Afghan President Mr. Ghani.


Phone: 0799124412, 0786918800


Facebook: Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj