Deputy Minister Of Social Affairs

Ghulam Haider Jailani: Biography

Ghulam Haider Jailani: Biography Born in the 1970s to a father who was a prominent teacher at Afghanistan’s Military Academy. Mr. Jailani grew up at the height of revolutionary movements in the country. His father and extended family, including his maternal uncles, were instrumental in introducing and bringing about social and political changes in the country. After the collapse of the Dr. Najib’s government, his father was Commander of Corps No.5 of Parwan. After completing his education at different institutions, inside and outside the country, he gained valuable experience through a number of professional engagements. As well as his philanthropic activities, he has been an active member of society. He has resolved a number of civil disputes in Parwan province. At the same time promoting education and sports among the youth of this country. He successfully founded Ibn-e-Khaldun University in Kabul and his own volleyball club.

Education: 1995-2000 Cairo University: BA & MA Economics and Political Science 1989-1993 George Manson University: BA Political Science


Work experience:

2014-present Founder and Director of Ibn-e-Khaldun University, Kabul

2017-present Founder of Ghulam Haider Jailani Volleyball Club

2010-2014 Civil Society activist and businessman

2010 Parliamentary candidate

2008-present Founder and Director of Jailani Foundation

2006-2010 Businessman

2005 Assistant Lecturer of Police Management and Human Rights: Afghanistan National Police Academy.

2002-2003 Interpreter: Global Risk Strategy Company 1993-1994 Interpreter: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)


As a parliamentary candidate in the 2010 election, he won 7,000 votes in Parwan province. However, due to unknown reasons, Mr. Jailani was not allowed to represent his constituents. That, however, did not prevent him to pursue his passion to work to empower young people in realizing their potentials at every aspect of their lives. He invested, both monetary and morally, heavily in educational and sports opportunities for young people of the country. Furthermore, he has been investing in building schools, roads, bridges, and mosques in Parwan province. For instance, in Jabal Saraj district he built a primary school, named after Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Balkhi, and handed it over to the Ministry of Education-Afghanistan.

Additionally, as part of his foundation’s activities he organized the ‘Jashn-e-Mehrabaniha’ which provided stationery, clothes and other essentials for around 100,000 students in Parwan province. As an advocate of human rights and basic socio-Islamic Afghan principles and norms, he has been promoting peace and stability in the country. Therefore, he has been requested in Parwan province to act as a mediator in a number of civil and financial disputes. Some of these disputes involved a number of groups and extremely serious cases. During his second engagements in the resolution of these disputes, he managed to bring together rival communities and groups together and establish perpetual peace within their respective areas.

Furthermore, to promote social cohesion and national unity he endeavored to utilize sports as a means to engage people from a broad spectrum of the society. Through his volleyball club, he organized and participated in a number of volleyball tournaments across the country. Recently his team participated in a tournament in Nangarhar where they played a number of local teams. Moreover, Afghan government institutions at provincial and national levels have been consulting Mr. Jailani on social, political, security and economic issues. He was invited in two different Loya Jirgas – both as a represented of Parwan province and as a civil society activist. To continue his passion for the development of the country and society, promoting peace and stability and national unity, he again put forward his name as a parliamentary candidate from Parwan province.