Information Access



As mentioned in the first part of the Second Article of the right of Access to information law, as a responsible and responsive institution, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is responsible and committed to paving the ground for all the citizens (individuals and entities) to have accessibilities to every kind of information they want.

According to the Right of Access to the Information law, Ministry of labor and social Affair has the duty to deliver information through forms, electronic posts and via telephone.

Compatriots and Media that want to achieve information from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs can contact the responsible person and Ministry’s Head of Access to information for the achievement of any kind of information according to the spirit of sixth Article of this law.


Head of information: Ahmad Jawed Joya

Phone: 0791277016


Facebook: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, written in Dari.


Address: opposite to the Market of First Macroryan, Kabul Afghanistan.