MOSA inaugurates the National Center of Excellence by the worth of $10 Million in AKVTI.

Tue, Apr 27 2021 12:59 AM

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs inaugurated the National Center of Excellence in the Afghan-Korea Vocational Training Institute in the presence of Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, South Korean ambassador to Kabul, UNESCO Country Director in Afghanistan, Director of Korea Agency’s for International Cooperation, the representatives of chambers of Industries and Mines, private Sector and Directors of Other governmental and nongovernmental Departments.

We are appreciated from the cooperation and well intention of the international community, especially from South Korea and UNESCO, Mr. Tahyanj Said during the inauguration of the National Center of Excellence. We could assure all of our donors who fund Every field of our organization, that all of your funds will be implemented in a transparent manner, Tahyanj further added.

By the establishment of the National Center of Excellence we will complete the evaluation of labor market, certification of the graduates of Vocational training, updates of the curriculums of these training, capacities building of the trainers, and the modernization of Afghan-Korea Vocational Training Institute and its Hardware for the intensification of entrepreneurship and employment process in Afghanistan, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Said.

The Rule of Vocational training are vital in achieving the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s priorities and goals, and we vow to cooperate at the practical beginning of the National Center of Excellence’s activities, said The South Korean ambassador for Kabul and UNESCO's Country Director in Afghanistan.

The Vocational training should be in accordance with the requirements of the National Labor’s Market, Said Rahimullah Samandar the Chief Executive of the Chamber of Industry and Mines and the representative of the private Sector.

It is noteworthy that the National Center of Excellence is established according to an Agreement which was concluded between the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Korea Agency for international cooperation but the practical activities were postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic, miraculously, at the presence of private sectors and Donors communities’ representatives, the practical activities of this center have begun now.   


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